Thursday, March 6, 2008

Automaton Transfusion (2007)

Automaton Transfusion is great. I don’t know what the title means. It’s a straight-forward zombie movie. The zombies are the fast moving kind that can think and run, like in the Dawn of the Dead remake, and some of them even seem a little stronger than an average living person.
Like the zombies, the movie is very fast paced, and the run time is only 75 minutes. It wastes no time in getting the mayhem started up. The opening scene features an extremely bloody, painful looking zombie attack to kick off the apocalypse. The characters are just high school kids, so there’s the usual mild drama nonsense going on.
But the real highlight of the film is the gore, glorious gore! The film is a throwback to the days of the Italian zombie gore films. There are several scenes lifted right from some of those movies that well versed fans will recognize immediately. There’s the usual eye gouging, face ripping, and intestine pulling. Blood spurts every which way, and there are several scenes of entire rooms full of zombies feasting on cadavers. The living dead eat their victims’ flesh right down to the bone. Don’t watch this one hungry, it’ll make your mouth water!
Besides being an excellent rehash of zombie films past, there are also some pretty cool original scenes. The best was when our heroes charge full speed at a bloodthirsty mob of undead. Armed with only a few meager weapons such as a shotgun, a baseball bat, a fire axe, and best of all, a chainsaw, an insane frenzy of ultra-violence. The camera work is deliberately jumpy, and at times I even thought my DVD was skipping. It is a clever way of disguising the lack of professionally choreographed action sequences.
Overall, Automaton Transfusion is a fast paced zombie adventure. Most Gore hounds will be delighted by it if they can suspend their critical eye. And even if they don’t like it very much, it’s still only about 10 minutes longer than a TV episode, so they really won’t be wasting much of their evening if they watch it.

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