Sunday, February 24, 2008

Demon Wind (1990)

Demon Wind:
Priceless garbage, lay down and bask in its’ badness! This film is soooo awesome. The only reason I rented it was because I thought it was hilarious that the VHS box had a holographic cover. I figured it would either be bad in stupid, boring way, or bad in a senseless, over-the-top, hilarious way. It was the latter of the two. The plot is a real snoozer until the 45 minute mark and then the zombie/demon carnage begins. Despite the hack script, there are very professional gore jobs and decent horror action sequences. Italian zombie fans will notice the plot was ripped off The Beyond and the zombies resemble the hellish creatures in Bava and Argento’s Demons and Demons 2. This film has so much in common with Italian zombie films, I had to search everywhere for information about it just to make sure it wasn't Italian.

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spage said...

Wow! Demon Wind, I love this film!

Did You know that Lou Diamond Philips plays one of the zombies looking into the cabin through the one of the windows late in the film? He;s heavily made up but it's true!

I picked up this little baby on DVD for a mere 99 Pence (I am from the UK) from some clearance shop by asking a work colleague to pick me up a film at random on their lunch break since they were so cheap - He picked this one because of the hanging skeleton on the reverse sleeve! I wish my DVD reissue had the same crazy cover as the one shown in your blog.