Saturday, March 29, 2008

Horror Hospital (1973)

This film is absolutely great! It's kind of like a 90 minute R-rated episode of The 70s TV show "The Monkees" if it was produced by Hammer films. There are lots of cheap thrills and sick jokes, sex, nudity, violence, drug abuse, midgets, and of course a good amount of blood and guts.
One of the first scenes in the movie introduces our hero, a Mick Jagger look-alike living in the excesses of rock and roll decadence. He's had too much to drink and sniffs too much coke and starts a fight. He gets beat up and his band members are fed up with him so he agrees to go somewhere to chill out and get his head together. There was this one scene where the guy booking his trip to this "health spa" (the "Horror Hospital" of the title), and the guy is slyly eyeing his crotch and the bulge in his super tight 70s pants. By this time I was cackling with laughter at the plentiful tasteless humor, and this is all just within the first 15 minutes of the film!
This is a great, great 70s tongue in cheek horror movie. It's basically a satire of the UK rock and roll lifestyle done as a horror comedy, much the same way as the films Rock n' Roll Nightmare and Hard Rock Zombies are horror movie satires of the American hair-metal music scene of 1980s. There is a playful nature to the movie that makes it stand up to repeat viewing. The film is also quite atmospheric with some great visuals and scenery of old England. I especially recommend this movie to those who enjoyed the Hammer horror films of the 70s, or any of the horror films starring Christopher Lee and/or Peter Cushing. If you like this movie, another one I would recommend is Dr. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks, that one is even trashier!

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