Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pledge Night (1988)

A Shapiro/Glickenhaus production, directed by Paul Ziller
         I never knew egg beaters could be used as a murder weapon until I watched this wacky little film. In fact this teen slasher movie has some of the most inventive death scenes ever committed to celluloid. A boy is strangled with someone’s spinal cord, a guy has a cherry bomb shoved up his ass, a hand comes up out of a toilet to kill another guy, and there’s a demon that keeps popping out of frat brothers chests, like in Alien (1979). This time the killings are done by a supernatural psycho named Acid Sid. These and other oddities more than make up for the lazy, amateurish feel to the movie. But the ample amounts of the red stuff, and the obvious toilet humor (just loot at the VHS cover), gives this one the Beavis and Butthead seal of approval.
The Shapiro/Glickenhaus production team has also created some pretty rockin' exploitation films such as the Basket Case series, Maniac Cop, and my favorite martial arts movie of all time, No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder (1988).
With it’s crazy twist ending and soundtrack by Anthrax, this 1990 slasher film bears a strong resemblance to Killer Party (1986). Joey Belladonna ,the singer from Anthrax makes a cameo appearance and then gets killed. Filmed at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

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Mack Ballard said...

I have been trying to remember what this movie was called for a very long time. All I could remember though was the cherry bomb scene and the name Sid. I did a google search and found your blog! Can't wait to look this one up and make a purchase!