Monday, March 3, 2008

The Mutilator (1985)

An odd blend of campy college kid humor, 80s pop, and typical low budget horror acting and screen writing combine with extreme gore and violence, and some eerie settings to make a pretty good slasher movie. The film opens with a stupid little kid whose Dad should have taught him a few gun safety lessons. He accidentally shoots and kills his mom with a huge M-1 rifle, in a scene that is both disturbing and hilarious in the way it is executed.
The rest of the film plays out like a standard slasher movie. The boy who shot his mom is all grown up and at college, and is a relatively healthy, mentally sound young adult. Him and five of his friends go to his dad’s beach house on the North Carolina coast for some fall break party time, and the usual underage drinking and premarital sex ensues. For whatever reason, however, the boy’s dad has chosen to finally flip out after all these years. He is a hunting and fishing enthusiast and kills of the kids one by one, using a variety of edged and pointed weapons. There’s a pretty disgusting involving a gaffing hook, the kind used for marlin and tuna fishing. There is also a battle-axe, a machete, and a power saw. But I don’t want to give the whole thing away. You’ll have to watch the film yourself, if you can ever find a copy.
It was released on VHS by Vestron Video, but never released on DVD in North America. The PAL Region 0 disc is uncut, as is the the Vestron Video release. This film is probably available on bootleg DVD. Code Red DVD has announced plans to give it a deluxe DVD release in NTSC format, probably with a good transfer and some extra features.

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