Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jess Franco's Demoniac (1979)

Demoniac AKA Exorcism, Directed by Jess Franco

Let’s all thank Jess Franco giving us this time capsule on film. The atmosphere of this French trash pile absolutely oozes 70s Euro trash pussystink from every pore. And the dialogue is something you have to hear to believe. A bizarre, perverted old man, on the run from Interpol, is murdering prostitutes while hot on the trail of a satanic cult. It’s actually one of the more memorable Jess Franco films I have seen. If you like trash cinema, particularly of the Eurosleaze variety, you really can’t go wrong with a Jess Franco film. This film was re-released uncut on DVD under the title EXORCISM, but with an appalling lack of cover artwork. See above right image. Boooorrriiiiiiiiiinnnggg!!!!
The whole reason I watched this VHS tape in the first place was because the cover art was DOPE! Frequently DVD companies can secure the rights to the film but not the original artwork. Sometimes the company doesn’t even know who owns the rights to the artwork, especially if the film is old or from a foreign country.

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