Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monster Dog (1984)

Monster Dog AKA Leviatan
Claudio Fragasso, aka Clyde Anderson (Zombie 4: After Death, Troll 2) directed this cinematic time capsule of 1980s headbanger horror starring Alice Cooper. Cooper stars as Vincent Raven, international rock superstar, “the biggest rockstar in the world” in the poorly dubbed dialogue of his girlfriend. He is also a werewolf, and has returned to his ancestral home in the old country to film his latest music video with his band, and confront the family lycanthrope curse. The film opens and closes with an original music video from Cooper, and I must say it is worth every penny to buy the bare bones DVD with the piss-poor transfer just to have the music video, whether you like his music or not. The film also features Fragasso’s trademark overused fog machine, and a motley crew of actors who overact or underact, but can’t seem to do anything in between.

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