Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cookers (2001)

It’s about time somebody made a horror movie about meth heads. Hector and his girl manufacture methamphetamine for a living. They take up residence in an abandoned house in the middle of the deep woods and set up a little meth lab. As they descend into amphetamine psychosis, it seems the house may be haunted. Or are they just getting too high on their own supply?
This shot-on-video thriller is an absorbing journey into the paranoia of hardcore drug bingeing. Low on budget, but high on atmosphere, Cookers is a typical episode in the life of heavy speed freaks, but with a spooky, supernatural horror edge to it. At times it gave me goose bumps.
It is more of a suspense film and psychological horror film than a blood and guts type movie. There are hardly any special effects, just three very talented new actors running around geeked out on meth in a big old house. The video footage has a soft, muted look to it, but the dialogue and soundtrack are well done with good sound quality. The almost constant indoor setting gave the movie an eerie look. Inside a house with no electricity, the characters blacked out the windows so nobody can see their meth lab. It is easy to convey the sense of isolation and the feeling these people must have of being in their own little drugged up world where anything could happen.

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