Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bone Sickness (2004)

Finally, some of these penniless shot-on-video filmmakers got the right idea! If you can't make a good movie, make a SICK ONE!! If this film had a bigger budget it would have been amazing. The zombie gore is extreme. It looks pretty fake at times, and some of the gags clearly involved props purchased at the local Halloween store, but the murder and dismemberment they depict with it is imaginative and funny.
While the film itself is extremely amateur, I must say it's the thought that counts. It's a very ambitious take on the no-budget zombie movie genre. While it's not as good the more well known shot on video films like The Dead Next Door, Street Trash, or Slime City, it's still a lot better than Ghoul School, Night of the Living Dead 3-D, or Days of Darkness. The filmmaker really had the right ideas here. Blood spurts everywhere, people vomit worms, numerous people are torn in half, entrails or are eaten, heads broken open, etc.

The extreme stuff doesn't really start up until the one hour mark, but after that it's relentless. There's a lot of nudity too. Pretty much every female character gets naked at some point. Most of the acting sucks. But just sit tight and your patience is rewarded. Just pretend you are watching Citizen Kane or something with Helen Mirren in it. Then go F yourself dildo butt!! Just kidding.

If the film had a bigger budget that allowed really professional looking special effects, this would have been the best gore film of the decade. I really hope the filmmakers are able to make more films that get better funding. I think if they got the proper equipment, a half decent budget, and some help from the right people, we might have the next Dead Alive on our hands. And I am proud to say this was lensed entirely in my native New England, in Massachusetts and Rhode Island (which is neither a road or an island).

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