Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Unseen (1980)

This movie is pretty cool and has some really good acting. But the main reason to watch it is to see the retarded man child who lives in the basement, sleeps in a trash pile, and likes to play with, kill, and then eat the people daddy gives him. Especially the girls. The sight of this gigantic man dressed in a diaper and dirty tank top who communicates only in a series of grunts and maniacal laughter pretty much made it among the most memorable films I've seen. View it on an intellectual level or just watch with some buddies and laugh, either way it's alot of fun. I hope they release a DVD soon. The last half hour of the film is worth a million bucks.
On a sidenote, I have to mention something in the small world category. Last Christmas, my dad was talking about his friend who lives next door to him, a fellow by the name of Goldbach. Mr. Goldbach, clearly a rather wealthy man, mentioned that his sister had been married to Ringo Starr for the last 25 years. Her name is Barbara Bach, the former Bond girl, and the star of this film! Apparently she shortened her last name to Bach when she started her acting career. At some point after that she starred in this movie as prey for the retarded, diaper wearing man-child in this monumental so bad it’s good movie, The Unseen.

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