Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Thoughts On Upcoming Horror Remakes, Part 1

My Thoughts On The Silent Night, Deadly Night remake
This could be good if...
-the guy that directed The Fog remake doesn't direct it. That was one of the most generic remakes of recent. I heard he was attached to the project at one point. What were they thinking? Probably all the extra money they would make from teeny boppers willing to shell out 10 bucks at the theater because the film will be rated PG-13.
-They don't wimp out and sanitize the damn thing like they've done with so many remakes and sequels recently. It better not be PG-13. It should be a "hard R" rating with loads of gore and shock value.
-I think the key to a cool remake is just the word "more." For example, the Dawn of the Dead remake, was well received by audiences. I think it was because there were more zombies, gore, bullets, mayhem, there were even several more characters trapped in the mall than in the original. They even made the zombies fast. The Romero zombie survival strategy kind of went out the window with zombies that could actually chase you down.
Anyway, another thing about the original Silent Night is it's social commentary on Catholic guilt, sexual repression, and even the linking of sex with violence in the killer's mind.
I still wish they would stop remaking 70s and 80s horror movies, no matter they do it. Why can't these filmmakers be content with ripping off ideas or making loads of copycat movies? They never seemed to have a problem with that up until a few years ago.
Horror trivia hounds may recall that Silent Night Deadly Night came out in 1984, but loads of other "killer Santa Claus" movies had come out years before. I don't know who pioneered the idea, but Christmas Evil came out in 1980. Silent Night Deadly Night just happened to be more popular than that one (and deservedly so in my opinion), so it is remembered better than the others.
By the way, I'd like to thank Anchor Bay for reissuing their DVD of this classic. Hell yeah.

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