Monday, February 4, 2008

Short Reviews for some unremarkable films

Short reviews for a few unremarkable films:

Curse 4- Despite its Italian cast and crew, this film is void of both gore and nudity and the plot has nothing to do with the previous films in the Curse series. The scene where Christ comes to life, gets down off the cross, and kills the priest is the film’s only redeeming quality.

Breeders- This one is a real cheapo sleaze fest with tons of nudity. An alien species is taking over the bodies of New York men and raping virgin after virgin in order to procreate. It’s kind of like Humanoids from the Deep but really amateurish. Keep an eye out towards the end and you will see a naked blonde in the vat of alien semen that looks suspiciously like Rosanna Arquette. Turns out it wasn’t her though. That would’ve been funny.

Chainsaw Sally- Imagine a Texas Chainsaw sequel with a tiny fraction of the budget but a much sicker sense of humor. Instead of Leatherface we have Sally, a mild mannered librarian by day, a cannibalistic bondage freak by night. She lives with her gay brother in a shack strewn with various weapons, torture tools, and horror movie memorabilia. Sally is literally to die for, played by the stunning, raven-haired sex bomb, April Monique Burril. Gunnar Hansen, the original Leatherface, has a minor role. What little funding went into it was used wisely, and there’s some great cinematography with the digital camcorder they shot it on. The film was also cleverly marketed and every web geek has heard of it. I propose a sequel!

Nightlife- A rather generic entry into 80s teen horror, this one is sort of like Night of the Creeps but without the cleverness. There are some pretty good gore scenes and necrophilia jokes, however, and when the film turns sick it doesn’t wimp out.

The Dark Power- This is boring amateurish stuff with little gore and only one nude scene. This one starts out giving us high hopes but fails to deliver. The zombies are little more than a few dorks in Halloween masks. Its only excuse is that it was a student film, shot in Kernersville, NC, near Greensboro. Otherwise it’s so bad it’s just bad. Next!

Hellgate- The funniest thing about this South African production is the accents. Several cast members put on fake American accents, some use their South African accent, and others switch back and forth randomly. South Africa has actually put out a few really good horror films such as Dust Devil, and City of Blood. This is not one of them but I still enjoyed it. There is quite a bit of gratuitous nudity, decent gore, and a plot that makes absolutely no sense.

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